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The 3 Little Words I Need to Hear From Technical Support

Let me begin by saying the 3 little words are NOT “I Love You”! Mind you if you answer my tech support call and resolve my issue efficiently with minimal drama I may just utter those words myself out of sheer surprise and extreme gratitude! I think back to a simpler time when I was able to go about my day-to-day life without seeking technical support from others. Sure there was the odd call to customer service every now and then but phones were answered by humans, I didn’t have to figure out which button to press for the service I required and I wasn’t placed on hold for what seems like an eternity only to have the call dropped when it is finally picked up! It appears we have created a world that is so complicated that we’ve become dependent on others for technical support on a daily basis! As a software engineer I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and with Google at my fingertips I can frequently resolve many of the technical issues that come my way. On the occasions where I do find myself calling technical support it’s generally for 1 of the following reasons:
  • I’m unable to resolve the issue myself.
  • I don’t have the time or resources to resolve the issue myself.
  • None of my tech-savvy kids are around or I’m not in the mood for the “rolling eyes” and “What do you mean you don’t know how to do that mom!?” lecture!
In other words when I resort to calling technical support it’s because I feel I cannot resolve my issue without assistance. I’m usually prepared with a very specific question but recognize that the person on the other end is trained to follow a script and we must get through the standard questions first – no matter how many times I call about the same issue! When I purchased my first car many years ago I had no idea how important it would be to remember the make, model, and colour in order to get past the security questions! I can also anticipate the name, address, phone number and pin code questions before the tech support person requests the information. With the required preliminaries out-of-the-way I try to remember the reason I called in the first place and pose my question. It’s at this point that my frustration sets in. Quite often the tech support person taking my call is unable to help me. In our complicated, ever-changing world this is understandable. Unfortunately, perhaps out of fear of appearing incompetent or admitting weakness the person proceeds to offer advice and answers that often do more harm than good and become huge time wasters. The 3 little words I would love to hear from a tech support person under these circumstances are “I don’t know!” If these words are followed by “let me find out” or “let me find someone else with more experience who can help you” I promise to try to refrain from replying with “I love you!” Article Source

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